Welcome to Mount Rainier Lutheran High School


Good Day, 

As we explore what lies ahead, we are so blessed as a community of believers to be trekking down an exciting trail together.  In the true spirit of teamwork, many of us have questions.  In response, a dedicated group of people have answered the call and spent their precious time asking and answering questions pertaining to the future of Mount Rainier Lutheran High School.  The exchange was brilliant and the questions were "spot-on".  Please click HERE to view a highlight of the Q&A's that arose from MRLH's town hall meeting and the ask.us@mrlh.org email address.  

By the way, if you have any further questions or comments the aforementioned email address (ask.us@mrlh.org) is up and running and awaiting your feedback. 


God Bless,

Mr. Bryan Oechsner, Principal