Welcome to Mount Rainier Lutheran High School

Photo of Mr. Bryan Oechsner, Principal

You may find yourself wondering, "Why Christian education?". "Why Mount Rainier Lutheran High School?"


Here at MRLH we plan for rigor, we practice relevance, and we promote relationships. Rigorous academics are interwoven with relevance as we prepare students for universities and for lives of servant leadership in a global society. Great care is given to ensure the success of each student according to his or her God-given talents. Paramount to an education at MRLH are relationships. Staff and students alike model the love of Jesus Christ both during the school day and after as we return to our communities. Students that graduate Mount Rainier Lutheran High School will have forged bonds steeped in empathy and compassion and integrity and truth. It is this skillset that is the true mark of a Hawk.


God Bless,

Mr. Bryan Oechsner, Principal


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